Serial colours and special colours.

The SEABOB serial colours have a robust surface. They are protected against high wear thanks to a special surface technology. Make your choice and give your SEABOB a robust surface with these colours in a basic version.

We also offer you an exclusive colour choice with the special colours, which are applied as a complex multiple-layer paint system. These high-gloss colours give every SEABOB a powerful-sporty overall look.

Bright Colour & Bicolour Design.

The Lumex Bright Colours are high-gloss surfaces in intense luminous colours. The SEABOB attracts even more attention because of them. A great look for improved safety. These colours offer visual protection when driving fast through the water and when suddenly emerging from the depths.

With high-gloss surfaces Bicolour and Big Label Design, the SEABOB boasts a particularly appealing look.

All high-gloss coloured surfaces are created by hand using high-quality multiple-layer paint systems. They are a special, expressive feature of your SEABOB, giving it a unique and sporty character.


Without CameraWith Camera

9.600 €

10.560 €

F5 S

Without CameraWith Camera

12.900 €

13.860 €


Without CameraWith Camera

10.300 €

11.260 €

F5 S

Without CameraWith Camera

13.600 €

14.560 €


Without CameraWith Camera

10.465 €

11.425 €

F5 S

Without CameraWith Camera

13.765 €

14.725 €


Without CameraWith Camera

10.400 €

11.360 €

F5 S

Without CameraWith Camera

13.700 €

14.660 €

seabob f5 sr background SEABOB F5 SR Performance Raise 16.810 €

2 x Cameras

2  x Full HD Cameras integrated to record your underworld moments. Selfie ready !

Raised Performance

Now even with more power. Increased performance by 10% topping thrust to 745 N.

Increased Autonomy

Autonomy is increased to 70 min. Because we want you to enjoy your Seabob longer

Better Hydrodynamics

We’ve added 2 side fins. Check out what a difference a simple fin can do.

7th Gear

Additonal 7 th Gear was added for better control added thrust.

Fancy Colors

Multiple color variations for you to choose from.


Store, share, download and connect to Seabob App.

Personalize it

Custom wrap it or add a chrome package to stand out.


seabob cam

Capture unique experiences.

The SEABOB can be equipped with integrated camera technology on request. Thereby, two camera systems are integrated in the SEABOB. There is a full-HD camera as a recording system in the watercraft‘s bow. This camera films and saves everything experienced and discovered in the fascinating underwater world at the push of a button.

Another full-HD camera is found on the information display. This camera is an integrated Action-Selfie-Cam and is activated by simply pressing a sensor. It saves all of the pilot‘s recordings when driving the SEABOB.

With the recording technology switched on, the SEABOB information display performs the monitor function. This allows all camera recordings to be professionally controlled.

All recordings are saved in the SEABOB on-board system and can be directly transmitted to any Smartphone or other alternative storage media with WLAN technology. With the SEABOB-Camsystem, you can always share your unique experiences in the fascinating underwater world with others at any time.